A Different Thanksgiving

By: Dr. Lisa Vasak from Dignity Health Urgent Care

It is November! The time has changed and it is getting dark early.  The weather is cooling down with some rain.  The leaves are falling off the trees.  Hallmark is starting to air Christmas movies.  Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away.  Everyone has gotten their flu shots.  All of this sounds like every other past November, right? Unfortunately, COVID-19 is continuing to disrupt our normal/usual way of life.  For most people, Thanksgiving will be quite different this year.  Smaller gatherings and less travel are the reality this year.  Masks and social distancing are even more important now than at any other time.  In the midst of all this ongoing craziness, it is important to remember to take care of each other.  Be thankful for all you have in your personal lives. Take time to call a friend or family member that you are missing this holiday season and keep sending those virtual hugs!

Don’t forget Dignity Health Urgent Care in Atascadero is always here for you. We are offering Free Flu Shots to 18-64 year olds, while supplies last. If you haven’t received your flu vaccination yet come see us soon!


Dignity Health Urgent Care | Dr. Lisa Vasak

Dr. Lisa Vasak works at Dignity Health Urgent Care in Atascadero. Her specialty is Internal Medicine. As an urgent care doctor, she treats injuries and medical issues in patients of all ages. She received her medical degree from New York Medical College and completed her residency at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Long Beach. She has been working in an urgent care setting in Northern SLO County since 2013. She prioritizes patient safety and quality of care when treating her patients.