The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Handbook
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Different perspectives in a workplace can directly influence a product, how it’s made, who it serves, how it functions, and so on. People with different backgrounds
and a variety of life experiences provide fresh new perspectives that will help refine and enhance processes and improve the customer experience. Diversity is absolutely critical in our business community. That’s why we created the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Handbook. Within the book you’ll find tools and insight on how you can embrace, encourage, and support diversity in your business.

The Atascadero Chamber of Commerce believes there is no room for discrimination of any kind in the workplace. As a community builder, we are dedicated to making intentional, actionable strides to ensure our city is one of increased equity and inclusion.

We invite you – business leaders – to join us in our pledge of responsibility and accountability. Now is the time to use our influential voices to foster workplace environments that demand fair treatment, resources, opportunities, and advancement for all.