Centennial Cookbook

Dear Friend,

     The Atascadero Centennial Cookbook (Download recipe form here ) Committee is preparing a special cookbook featuring favorite recipes from the Colony. It is sure to be treasured for years to come.
     Please submit your favorite recipes in several categories so you can be represented in the cookbook. There will be a selection committee for each category. Follow the instructions below. Your name will be printed with each of your recipes.
     Along with your recipe, please share a personal and/or historical anecdote about you and your recipe. It might be something like this:

“My family moved to Atascadero in 1913 and our family lived in Tent City. This recipe
was the first recipe that my mother prepared in our new tent home. Mr. E.G. Lewis
and his wife Mable Grace came to dinner.”

Get the idea?  Or:
“This recipe was given to me by my mother-in-law at my family bridal shower. She said it was her son’s favorite dish and I should prepare it at least once a month, if I wanted a happy marriage.   I followed her suggestion and we have been married for 60 years!”

Please follow the instructions here and on the form, very carefully.

Recipes that cannot be read easily may not be used in the book.
Print neatly in Ink or type (not pencil).   Submit only one recipe per form.                            
If more room is needed, use another sheet of the same size and staple together.

Please write legibly to avoid errors.
List all ingredients in order of use and include container sizes, e.g., 16 oz. pkg., 24 oz. can.
Use names of ingredients in the directions, e.g., “combine flour and sugar.”

Do not use statements like, “Combine first three ingredients.”
Include temperatures and cooking, chilling, baking, and/or freezing times.
Any special recipe notes (anything other than ingredients, directions, contributor name, serving
size, or recipe title) should be kept as a separate comment on the bottom or on the back side of
the form.

All recipes must be submitted by June 7, 2013, to be included in the cookbook.
We encourage you to submit several of your favorite dishes. We will be introducing the cookbook in October, 2013.

You may hand deliver your recipes to the Atascadero Chamber or mail them to:

Atascadero Chamber of Commerce                           QUESTIONS?
6904 El Camino Real                                                Contact Barbie Butz   461-1234 or
Atascadero, CA 93422                                               Email:  barbiewb@hotmail.com

Download recipe form here.