Best Practices
For Virtual Events

  1. Mute yourself when you are not talking. Background noise can take away from the experience of all. When you are ready to speak you can unmute yourself or simply hold the space bar down while you talk if you are on a computer.
  2. If you need to step away make sure you are muted and not sharing your screen. You can also turn off your video while you are away if you desired.
  3. There are two main views in Zoom. The first is speaker view and it highights the person speaking but occastionally will highlight other noises it hears through other mics. The second is gallery view which shows everyone equally, but if there are more than 25 participants you will have to scroll to a different screen. If you are on a phone or tablet the number on one screen is smaller.
  4. Feel free to use chat! You can direct message others by either right clicking on their picture and then sending a direct message or clicking the chat button and then selecting one member. The default when you click chat is to make the message available to everyone. Always make sure you know whether you are sending a message to one person or the group.