BridgeWorks Coworking is expanding! We’re in the final stretch of construction on the new space which means we’ll have more than 10 new private offices and plenty of workspace for local businesses, entrepreneurs, and remote workers right here in downtown Atascadero. We’re excited to see the community at BridgeWorks continue to grow, and thrive!

The goal of BridgeWorks is to develop a space brimming with possibility and opportunity. Walking into BridgeWorks Coworking spaces and offices, my vision includes a place where dreams and businesses come to life! That’s why the team and I have made it affordable so that anyone can start the business they’ve always wanted. A space where side-hustles become reality and where remote work can occur without the distractions of homelife. This space is for creative thinking, collaboration, and ultimately, is a space where business can flesh out their proof of concept.
With the new offices nearing completion, we are now accepting reservations. To reserve a desk or space, email or call (805) 466-2044. Join a supportive community and get connected with the tools and space you need to focus and execute your vision.

Unfamiliar with BridgeWorks Coworking spaces and offices? Here’s a quick run down; it’s a space right here in the heart of Atascadero, with 24/7 access to private offices, coworking desks, a kitchen, conference rooms, high-speed internet, and printing services. Every day folks come here to do incredible work.

2022 is your time to make space for opportunity in your life! If you’ve been playing around with starting a business or are ready to take your business out of your bedroom/guest room/garage, I’d like to invite you to come by the Atascadero Chamber for a tour.

-Josh Cross, Atascadero Chamber CEO

Josh Cross

President & CEO of the Atascadero Chamber | Josh Cross

Josh Cross is a longtime Central Coast local, having grown up right here in Atascadero. He has a strong knowledge of governmental and community issues, in addition to economic development. Previously he worked as the Director of Economic Development for the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce, and has always been passionate about the incredible work Chambers can do for their community.