BridgeWorks is the FIRST North County coworking location.

In conjunction with the City of Atascadero and Pacific Premier Bank, the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce houses 21 coworking spaces on site.

The BridgeWorks offices are a perfect solution for residents working from home, commuters hoping to save time and money, new businesses transitioning to a brick and mortar and entrepreneurs who want to surround themselves with other business professionals. Anyone looking to eliminate distractions, find camaraderie, enhance productivity and stay motivated would benefit greatly from a space at BridgeWorks.

Our Chamber of Commerce is committed to business and community. With Atascadero being a major satellite city within San Luis Obispo county and citizens logging in an average of 22 minutes just to get to work, we’re devoted to making it possible for our residents to work where they live. Coworking is an economical solution that adds flexibility where you need it most, so that you can realize your professional potential and create your optimal work-life balance.

Amenities enjoyed by our coworking patrons:

  • high speed internet
  • secure, encrypted wifi
  • full-color printer
  • conference rooms
  • kitchen
  • mailing address
  • professional workshops on site
  • optional storage locker ($10/month)
  • free parking
  • utilities
  • 24 hour access
  • premium coffee & filtered water

There are three levels of occupancy available through BridgeWorks:

  • Unreserved Desk
  • Reserved Desk
  • Private Office

We also offer a daily drop-in rate and an address only (ghost) occupancy.
Please contact us for more details or to schedule a tour of our offices.

Unreserved Desk

$200 per month 

Unreserved Desk • Coffee • High Speed Wifi • Printer • Conference Room • Kitchen

Reserved Desk

$300 per month 

Reserved Desk • Coffee • High Speed Wifi • Printer • Conference Room • Kitchen

Private Office

$550 per month* 

Private Office • Coffee • High Speed Wifi • Printer • Conference Room • Kitchen

*3 Month Minimum • 30-day Cancellation Notice Required

Start Working!