Invest in Marketing Your Business

In this economic climate it is essential to have a solid marketing plan no matter what size your business is. Don’t be silent in this market or your competition will bite into your share of the market! Be sure you have a presence in your marketplace, stay in front of your customers and prospects and know what sets you apart from your competition. And, don’t be afraid to be aggressive.

Marketing Essentials

  • Know your customers and keep a database that includes their contact information, their preferences, their birthdays and anniversaries. Build a relationship with them.
  • Know your competition and differentiate yourself from them
  • Set goals and develop strategies for reaching those goals.
  • Develop specific programs, tactics/actions – include traditional, social and social media, direct communication, public relations – to keep existing customers coming back for more and for acquiring new customers. Include a timeline in the plan for communicating with your customers and prospects often
  • Allocate the budget.
  • Develop a tracking system to monitor the plan.
  • Commit to the plan.
  • Implement the plan. Napoleon once said, “everything that is not soundly planned in its details, yields no results.” Three centuries forward these words still resonate.

Chamber Advertising Opportunities:

  • Newsletter
  • Website
  • Sponsorships
  • Hot Deals
  • City Map
  • Membership Directory/Visitor Guide
  • Chairman Circle
  • Showcase Mixer "Business Expo"