1. How do I schedule a ribbon cutting for my business?
  • Call the Atascadero Chamber office (466-2044) and schedule! 
2. How do I schedule an "After Hours" Mixer at my business?
  • Call the Atascadero Chamber office (466-2044) and schedule!
  • Business Mixers book far ahead, the earlier the call, the sooner the opportunity!
  • Business Mixers are typically held the third Thursday of each month from  5:00-7:00 p.m.
  • These well attended events offer a wonderful opportunity for business networking and typically serve wine, non-alcoholic beverages, appetizers & dessert. 
3. What are the best ways to advertise my business?
  • Develop a user friendly, informative website.
  • Utilize social media networking.
  • Networking at Chamber Mixers.
  • Word of mouth…encourage others to promote your business.
  • Place an Ad in the Chamber’s Monthly Business Reporter.
  • Be sure your business information is complete on Chamber website.
  • Host a Chamber  "After Hours" Mixer.
  • Community involvement.
  • Atascadero Newspaper, Tribune, Radio, TV are investing in your business and effective! (look for Chamber member discounts)
  • Online Banner Ad, Directory Ad, Official City Map Ad.
4. What is the process for getting Business improvements approved and completed quickly in Atascadero?
  • Complete paperwork at the City thoroughly and submit all materials requested.
  • The City of Atascadero offers a Road Map to permitting, very useful guide.
5. Does the Chamber collaborate with the City to assist in the permit process?
  • Only if the business requests Chamber’s help
6. How do I link my business with the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce?
7. What is the submission deadline for the Chamber’s News Reporter?
  • 20th day of each month
8. What is Members Making News in the Chamber Business Reporter, how do I post NEWS NOTES and how do I know my NEWS NOTES were received by the Chamber? Are there limits on wording?
  • Members Making News is intended to announce special events relating to your business.
  • Please send brief press release by the 20th day of each month and request an email confirmation.  Submissions maybe edited depending on available space.
9. Can I sign up for Chamber events on line?
10. How do I get a flyer “Hot Deal” into the next Reporter? What is the process?
  • Create the flyer, print 550 and drop flyers off at the Chamber office no later than the 25th day of each month.
  • We can refer you to Chamber business members who can create the flyer and print them for you.
11. What is the fee to include a business flyer “Hot Deals” in the Chamber’s Business Reporter?
  • $100
12. Do you offer a reduced rate for non-profit businesses for Hot Deals?
  • Yes, half price, $50.
13. How do I get current information about upcoming events and activities in Atascadero?
  • Check with the Chamber office to be sure they have your correct email address and also direct mailing address to receive the monthly Chamber Business Reporter  newspaper.
  • Check the up-to-date calendar of events on our website.
14. Are Chamber dues a tax-deductible business expense?
  • In most cases, they are, but it’s always best to consult with your tax professional on this issue.
15. Does the Chamber send out regular emails to its members? How do I get on the email list?
  • Email the Chamber with the email address you want them to use for communication. info@atascaderochamber.org
  • The Chamber can accommodate additional email addresses for your business. 
16. How do I pursue a Member Spotlight in the Chamber’s Business Reporter?
  • Contact the Chamber and they will arrange this for you!
17. What is the fee for a business card size ad in the Business Reporter?
  • 1 month $50
  • 3 months $135
  • 12 months $550
18. What are appropriate business hours in Atascadero?
  • This varies with the type of business, ie…restaurants, retail shops, etc…Check businesses similar to your business, compare hours.  If similar businesses are typically closed on Sundays, this may be an opportunity to grow your business if  you’re open on Sundays and advertise accordingly.
19. What is the best way to stay connected with the Chamber?
  • Be sure they have your current email address and physical mailing address.
20. How do I become a Chairman Circle Sponsor?
  • Contact the Chamber of Commerce and they will arrange this for you.
21. What are Chamber Bucks?
  • When you refer a business to the Chamber for Membership and they join, you’ll receive $25. in Chamber Bucks. You may use these ‘bucks’ towards your own membership fees, Chamber special events, etc… The Chamber appreciates your referrals.  Thank you for helping us build a strong Atascadero Chamber of Commerce!
22. How do I order a Custom Name Badge displaying the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce, my name and title of my business and how much are they?
  • Customized name badges are only $10. Please call or visit the Chamber office and the staff will be happy to help you!