Leadership North County

“Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today”    


To cultivate, inspire, connect and empower an effective community of leaders.


To encourage vibrant, dynamic citizens to be engaged, well-informed, and work
together to make a positive impact in their community.

What is Leadership North County

Through a series of nine different workshops that address topical community issues,
Leadership North County (LNC)  will introduce you to the power base of the community,
show you channels of communication for achieving results, increase your awareness of
issues and needs within the county, and help you achieve your full potential as an
individual committed to community leadership.

LNC is supported by Atascadero Economic Foundation, Atascadero  and Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce, and other community minded organizations.

Your Commitment

The LNC program requires a commitment of your time and focused energies, but will give
back to you in ways that enhance all aspects of your life.

Each LNC applicant must make a commitment to attend one day workshops held each month
during the nine month program (April – Dec). Programs are held on the first Friday of the month, 
with the exception of July and September due to the holidays.

How Do Employers Benefit from Sponsoring Applicants?

In a recent survey from leadership programs throughout the state, 93% of employers who
sponsored participants observed improved leadership skills in their employees, and 97% felt the
investment in the program was worthwhile to their organization. In general, employers of all kinds
benefits from the employees’ improved leadership, team-building and problem-solving skills.
Through their employees’ involvement, employers gain access to a brand network of issues facing
the community and region. The consensus is employees learn the “who’s who” of the region and
power an individual has on influencing change in the community. 


Program Outline    |     Class Expectations     |     Application   |     Attendance     |     Tuition

Class of 2017










Pictured (not in order)
Kaila Anderson |  Kirk Consulting
Laurel Anderson | Laurel Tree Accounting (Paso Robles)
Michael Bartlett | Wedding Solved
Phil Dunsmore | City of Atascadero
Angelica Fortin | City of Paso Robles
Jamie Garretson | Law Offices of Babak Naficy (San Luis Obispo)
Katie Hayward | Uncorked Wine Tours (Paso Robles)
Lindsey Holden | Tribune News (San Luis Obispo)
Melissa Johnson | Templeton Community Services District
Reggie Lal | Crown Point Financial Group, Inc. (Paso Robles)
Kevin Lee | Atascadero Unified School District
Nina Leschinsky | Justin Winery
Daphne Martin | Twin Cities Community Hospital (Templeton)
Rachel McGee | Twin Cities Community Hospital (Templeton)
Blake Ponek | Ponek Appraisal Services (Atascadero)
Tiffany Riojas | GIVE Fitness Health Club (Atascadero)
Jennifer Tallent | The Groves on 41 (Templeton)
Sarah Toft | Pacific Premier Bank (Templeton)
Dianna Vonderheide | Nest Central Coast (Templeton)
Preston Wallace | K.Jons Diamonds & Gems (Shandon)
Will Wallace | Atascadero Unified School District
Jenae Walters | Atascadero Chamber of Commerce
Barby Wunsch | Grid Alternatives (Templeton)

Class of 2016

Pictured: (Not in order) 
Jennifer Adams | Executive Director  of RISE
Anthony Rodriguez | Central Coast Lending 
Kathryn Holmes | Teacher AUSD
Tina Mayer | TCSD District Engineer 
Ryan McGaughey | McGaughey Health Group
Clint Weirick | Calif State Board of Equalization North County Rep
Jeri Rangel | Finance Director City of Atascadero
DeAnna Porter | RN, CEN  Twin Cities Hospital 
Tamrah Michael | Inspired Creative
Matt Boyd | AUSD Director of Support Services
William White | Interim Fire Chief Templeton Captain Atascadero Fire Dept. 
Angela Cisneros | K.Jons Fine Jewelers  
Jamie Hendrickson | Atascadero Mutual Water Company
Josh Donovan | GIVE Fitness Health Club 
Beth Brennan | Access Publishing
Lisa Lambert | Rabobank  North County Rep
Jennifer Bravo | Solterra Strategies.com 
Kristin Kearns | Pacific Premier Bank