Diversity Council

The Diversity Council is an inclusive council dedicated to empowering our business community to celebrate diversity through education and kindness.
This council is working on gaining a deep understanding of multiple aspects of diversity and inclusion with each other as a group. We welcome committed and engaged speakers and community members to work with us and seek mutual support. This will empower our business community by fostering awareness of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and ripple out to every aspect of our lives.

The Atascadero Chamber of Commerce’s goal and mission is to provide resources for our diverse business community. We believe diversity and inclusion are what will make Atascadero a desirable place to live and work. To show our commitment to our community, we are working to bring social and educational opportunities that highlight and embrace our community’s diversity. We believe this work is vital to the success of Atascadero and a significant part of the mission of the Chamber. Also, we will ensure that moving forward, our board members, councils, and committees will be provided training and education to gain awareness on diversity and inclusion, affirming this value. The Chamber is committed to ensuring our conversations reflect our actions from this day forward.

Interested in Diversity & Inclusion?

The Diversity Council holds meetings once a month (check with the Chamber of Commerce office for the day and place it will be held as it varies month to month). We invite all Chamber members to join us for the training aspect of our meetings, generally half of the hour meeting. Some trainings involve a guest speaker at the Chamber, others may involve us out at a facility to tour, and others may be a video and facilitated discussion.

Some of the key topics our council is focusing on, but not limited to, include: unconscious bias, microaggression, and weakening stereotypes.

If you would like to join the council, you can download the application here.