Update About COVID-19 From Dignity Health Urgent Care

By: Dr. Lisa Vasak from Dignity Health Urgent Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in different ways.  For some, it’s been a tough economic impact and for others, it’s been a physical or emotional impact.  All of us are now wondering what the new normal will be.  We have all done a great job with social distancing, wearing masks and quarantining.  The new normal may include some of those lifestyle changes along with new hobbies, and maybe a newly adopted pet. It may include new or stronger relationships with friends and family.

As we start to transition to slowly reopening our communities, it is important to remember the main reason we have been isolated – the health care workers. San Luis Obispo County has managed to keep the hospitalized COVID-19 positive patients to a minimum which has been very helpful to our local hospitals.  However, we will need to continue to be focused on masking, social distancing and following the directions of the city, county and state authorities so we can protect each other and continue lowering the numbers of COVID-19 positive patients in our communities and hospitals.

We will get through this.  In the meantime, keep up the great work of masking, social distancing and quarantining.  Your health care workers really appreciate it!


Dignity Health Urgent Care | Dr. Lisa Vasak

Dr. Lisa Vasak works at Med Plus Atascadero with Dignity Health Urgent Care and specializes in Internal Medicine. She received her education from New York Medical College in 1992 and spent a couple of years working at St. Mary’s Med Center. Her personal philosophy is to put patient safety and quality of treatment as top priorities in every interaction with patients.