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Atascadero REACH

Learn more more about REACH. Their goal is to transform the quality of life on the Central Coast through an unprecedented regional pursuit of inclusive economic prosperity. Atascadero.

It’s a regional economic action coalition uniting public, private and civic leaders across the Central Coast of California.

Economic Progress in Atascadero

Atascadero economic development begins with your community leaders.

What makes Atascadero unique is that the Chamber works very closely with local agencies and stakeholder groups in planning for and contributing toward our great city’s economic future.

That synergy fuels economic progress in this wonderful city surrounded by open spaces, world-class vineyards and high quality of life in Central California.

At the chamber level, our members are actively involved from the ground-up. They attend meetings, serve on task forces/committees, speak with elected officials and stay ahead of the curve informing members of economic progress.

Together, the Chamber collaborates toward comprehensive community initiatives improving quality of life and economic opportunities for all residents of Atascadero.

Alongside community partners, efforts are under way to build economic well-being and continue improving quality of life.

According to the Atascadero Planning Department, communities who proactively work on economic development build up talent to fill local jobs, ensure a balance of homes and local companies for those employees to work. This results in more places where those residents and workers can play, shop and enjoy life on the Central Coast.

Contact or feel free to give us a call, 805.466.2044.

Business Vitalization efforts

Atascadero Chamber of Commerce has positioned itself as a leader and implementor of economic development strategies.

Chamber-initiated business vitalization efforts include:

– Facilitating business retention, growth, attraction in Atascadero

– Serving as point of contact for developers & entrepreneurs

– Chaperoning prospective business startups through business launching in Atascadero

– Working alongside private, nonprofit & government sectors in San Luis Obispo County region to create conditions for success for all business

– Referring business services and products through Atascadero Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center

– Participation in regional economic planning


Labor supply, grant funding, jobs loss prevention, recruitment, job fairs, workforce preparedness, jobs/housing balance, addressing underemployment, local talent retainment


Women’s Small Business Development Center, BridgeWorks Coworking, city planning efforts, employer retainment, funding sources, diversifying industries, reducing barriers of operation


Events, Candidates Forum, community news, boards/councils/committees, Economic Prosperity Council, housing affordability, increased internet access, company-to-company engagement

Growth Potential

Atascadero is an exciting place for businesses, as several sectors are seeing incredible growth.

Despite the challenges of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses continue to thrive as the tourism sector continues to expand and grow. An increasing number of visitors are finding Atascadero an ideal place to live, work and play. Atascadero is ideally situated on U.S. Route 101, with a historic town center, range of amenities and attractions and high household incomes.

From wineries to breweries, tax services to insurance, banks, real estate and more – there’s plenty to be excited about in Atascadero. This economic progress is exciting amidst our ever-improving business climate.

Here are just a few things that make Atascadero a growing economic hub in northern SLO County:

Capital investments: Atascadero is in the midst of an economic upswing fueled by City investments and strong interest from private developers and business owners.

Affordable living: Northern San Luis Obispo County has the most affordable single-family homes and some of the highest household incomes countywide. (Source: SLO EVC)

Local attractions: Restaurants, cafes, artisan boutiques, breweries – along with a Renaissance of special events – are attracting an increasing number visitors (Art & Wine Tour, Atascadero Lakeside Wine Festival, etc.)

Development: Centennial Bridge and Plaza Project, La Plaza Mixed-Use and Bridge Walk Hotel, previously City-owned annex (Creekside) building. Bolstered downtown commerce is expected through future development & economic planning efforts.

Economic Development Resources

Here are some resources that may be of assistance for you as an Atascadero business owner:


Executive Mgmt. Team, City of Atascadero – city leadership

Economic Vitality Corporation of San Luis Obispo County – ideas & action for a thriving Central Coast (see also the 10-Year Economic Development Implementation Plan for San Luis Obispo County Communities and Sub-Regions)

City of Atascadero – landing page for municipal resources

Executive Management Team, City of Atascadero – city leadership

Workforce & Economic Development, Cuesta College – applied behavioral sciences, business education, engineering, technology, personal and professional workforce development & experience


Central Coast Community Energy – public agency that sources competitively priced electricity from clean and renewable energy resources

SLO Partners – creating a bridge between opportunities and realities for businesses and individuals in the community

Central Coast Economic Forecast – resource forecasting for local businesses, nonprofit organizations, government, individuals with local economic information for future economic planning purposes


California Association for Local Economic Development California’s premier economic development association