Atascadero City Manager, Rachelle Rickard

by Atascadero City Manager, Rachelle Rickard

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Atascadero Roads Update

The City of Atascadero maintains 145 centerline miles of paved roads, which includes paved roads and shoulders, signage, painted curbs, painted traffic markings, crosswalks, culverts, City owned ditches, drainage structures, tree trimming, brush cutting, weed abatement, pick-up and disposal of dead animals in City rights-of-way, and more. Throughout the history of our community, Atascadero’s roadway upkeep has always been and continues to be extremely challenging to maintain and operate with limited resources available.

In 2014, Atascadero voters approved a half-cent Sales Tax Measure known as Measure F-14. Revenue generated by F-14 is utilized by the City with an emphasis on repairing neighborhood and connecting roads rather than thoroughfares such as El Camino Real. In June of 2015 and just a short time after the City received the first revenue payments generated by Measure F-14, the highest priority road repair and maintenance projects funded by the Measure were begun. Continually reviewing and optimizing the use of F-14 generated funding is one of the City’s top priorities.

The City uses the “Critical Point Management” (CPM) methodology system. This system prioritizes and selects roadways that can have their useful life extended by the longest amount of time with cost effective maintenance and less expensive repairs. It works something like maintaining your own vehicle – by regularly focusing on relatively inexpensive routine maintenance and repairs, you can avoid expensive repair bills and breakdowns in the future. Similarly, when pavement conditions deteriorate, the cost to fix that roadway increases substantially. Replacement of a failed street is typically 25 to 30 times more costly than the amount required to maintain a road in good condition.

Every City-maintained roadway is regularly inspected and the conditions are entered into the program that develops a prioritization list for each roadway and the needed repairs. Each roadway also has a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) number assigned to it, which is on a 100point scale. A higher PCI score indicates a road in better condition. In 2014, Atascadero’s overall PCI rating for all 145 miles of roadway came in with a score of 47 and at that time, predictions were that by 2019 our overall PCI rating would decline by three points, to a level of 44. However, thanks to CPM and Measure F-14 funding, in 2019 Atascadero’s PCI rating had actually increased to 50 points! That increase is significant as it demonstrates that our CPM methodology and the road repair projects completed thus far is working well.

After not quite five years into the program now and with over 15 centerline miles of roads resurfaced or rehabilitated and about $7.5 million in Measure F-14 revenue expended to date, we believe that the list of F-14 funded road resurfacing and rehabilitation improvement projects completed to date is really pretty impressive. These projects include all or sections of the following avenues, streets and roads in Atascadero:

Honda and Alamo;
Cascabel, Los Gatos, San Andres, San Clemente and Valle;
Arena, Castano, San Vicente, and Yerba;
Colorado, Estrada, La Linia, Navajoa, Serra, and Sycamore;
Alcantara and Carmelita;
Cortez and Monterey;
Capistrano, Nogales, Rosario, San Benito, and Tunitas;
Balboa, Garcia, San Gregorio, Del Rio, Monterey, and Navarette.

With each new budgeting cycle, City roadway repairs and improvements are selected using CPM and are included in the budget. In the City’s 2019-2021 Budget, which includes funding for repairs of the highest priority roadways under Measure F-14 Rehabilitation/Resurfacing Projects, as well as under Capital Projects Road Rehabilitation or Pavement Resurfacing. Sections of roadway in the following projects are scheduled for work in the upcoming months, or have already been completed.

2020 F-14 Funded Projects ($2,630,000)
Gabarda (Curbaril to City Yard)
Junipero (ECR to end)
Palomar (ECR to Castano)
Pueblo (ECR to Sombrilla)
Robles (Santa Ysabel to Sombrilla)
Sinaloa (Pueblo to Curbaril)
Sombrilla (Robles to end)
Sonora (Valle to Pinal)
Valle (North end to Curbaril)

2020 Non-Measure F-14 Projects ($2,329,000)
El Camino Real – South (El Bordo-South)
San Anselmo Road (Monterey to ECR)
Traffic Way/Ardilla (ECR to Atasc. Mall)
Las Lomas Maintenance District

Utilizing F-14 funding and our other capital projects funding sources, we’re extremely pleased with the quantity and quality of the roadway projects that have now been completed, are currently underway or are planned for completion in the upcoming months. This information and more is available on our website at and in our 2019 Community Road Report.

As always, if you have any questions regarding this or any other topic concerning the City, please feel free to contact me at