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Educating Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Today

Jr. CEO is a six-week digital business education course that teaches kids the basics of starting their own business and is being offered by the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce. The program has been developed with the theme of how to open a lemonade stand business. At the end of the program students will open their lemonade stand (or another concept that they created) at the Plaza next to La Plaza during “Jr. CEO Business Day.”

The program was developed to communicate information at a Junior High learning level and covers five main categories: Business Fundamentals (Forming a business plan, setting up a bank account, etc.), Cost Models, Safety & Food Prep, Marketing & Customer Service, and Money Management. Each virtual session will be facilitated by Josh Cross, Chamber of Commerce President/CEO as well as a local business leader as a guest speaker.

Tuition is $25 per student.
Enrollment for the next Jr. CEO program opens January 1st, 2024 and begins in March.

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Jr. CEO Program Dates

These Dates MAY CHANGE

Kick-Off & Weekly Sessions Held Via Zoom At 6:00 PM

  1. Virtual Kick Off Meeting & Q/A
  2. SESSION 1 – Fundamentals for Setting Up Your Business
  3. SESSION 2 – Cost Models
  4. SESSION 3 – Safety and Food Prep
  5. SESSION 4 – Marketing and Customer Service
  6. SESSION 5 – Savings and Money Management – CoastHills
  7. Jr. CEO Business Day – The Plaza next to La Plaza
  8. Graduation/Celebration
Jr. CEO Program Calendar

The 5 Sessions In The Jr. CEO Program 

Session 1: Fundamentals for Setting up Your Business

The first session focuses on the basics of officially starting the business. Developing a business name, business structure, filing paperwork for their DBA, their business license, setting up a bank account, etc.

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Session 2: Cost Models

Students are taught how to form a business plan by using a cost model for their hot chocolate stand: What ingredients are needed and how much of each ingredient is needed for the recipe. How to source ingredients, cost of goods sold, selling price point, profit margin, etc.

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Session 3: Safety and Food Prep

Before the business starts selling to customers, safety protocols and food prep guidelines must be in place. This session goes over the importance of food prep, safety, and the importance of having guidelines and protocols.

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Session 4: Marketing and Customer Service

With the business officially up and running, it’s time to market the brand and bring in customers! This session walks students through some marketing basics and best practices, and the importance of having exceptional customer service.

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Session 5: Savings and Money Management

The sales are coming in! Now what? This session will address the importance of savings and money management. How much do you use to re-invest in the company? How much should be put into savings/reserves? This session will walk students through a plan on how to manage their profits.

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Jr. CEO Business Day |

At the end of the program, students will open their lemonade stand (or another concept that they created) at the Plaza next to La Plaza for “Jr. CEO Business Day”.


The Spring Jr. CEO program begins February 22nd and runs for five weeks. Participants will open their “business” on the 6th week during Jr. CEO Business Day.

This program is designed to allow your Jr. CEO flexibility. Find a time that works best for you and participate then. Some Jr. CEO’s will want to watch a recorded session multiple times. Other Jr. CEO’s will watch sessions back to back. The great thing about this program is you can customize it to whatever schedule works for you.

We love entrepreneurs! Maybe your student bakes cookies? Perhaps they want to start a car washing business? Utilize this coursework to start whichever business works for you. Our marketing will promote all types of stands.

Jr. CEO registration covers access to the webinars, downloadable workbooks, and marketing packet. Jr. CEO’s will need funds to start their business (think supplies to make hot chocolate/orange juice, cups, etc.). How to find these funds is covered in the sessions.

We are happy to announce that several local businesses have created scholarships for local students. We are currently working with local principals about classrooms of students receiving access. If you would like your business to sponsor a scholarship, please reach out to Josh Cross at

As in business, success is measured very differently. We want this fun experience to be a life lesson on how to start a business, create positive customer experiences, manage and save money, and build a brand. There are no grades just an opportunity for learning beyond the classroom.

To participate in Jr. CEO, students must have access to the internet and a computer.

Yes – students from any school/home school in SLO County can participate!

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