The Chamber’s Secret To Managing This Holiday Season? Early Local Shopping
By: Josh Cross, CEO & President of the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce

The holiday season is here! Lights are coming out, friends and family are gathering over hot cider, and the smell of fresh-baked cookies is in the air. There are so many memories to make with those you hold dear this year. However, the one experience you don’t want is frantically stressing about gifts and shopping days (or hours) before the holiday festivities begin. Trust us; last-minute shopping is a tried and true recipe to becoming a grinch this holiday season. Here are three reasons why you’ll want to shop early and local this year.

1. Enjoy The Holiday With Minimal Stress And Maximum Fun

The holiday winter season only happens once a year; wouldn’t you rather spend it playing games with family and friends and enjoying gingerbread cookies and mulled wine? Instead, by waiting until the last minute to go shopping, you may spend some of the best parts of the holiday running around stressed and tired. But, if you go early, you can turn it into a fun all-day event. Pick a weekend holiday shopping weekend! Go out to breakfast with friends, hit the local stores for presents, decorations, and more, then, after you’re done, grab a couple of cocktails to celebrate. Now that sounds like a win-win!

2. Don’t Get Caught Up In The Nationwide Shipping Delays

Now more than ever, people are shopping online for the holidays, adding even greater strain to the already currently stressed shipping and delivery system. Delivery delays are a real challenge coming into this holiday season. I know that you don’t want to spend the week before the holidays biting your nails, wondering if the gifts you ordered will get here in time. Instead, try shopping early and locally! Find incredible presents right here in our community – no shipping hassle required (did you know that a lot of local businesses even offer gift wrapping for gifts, it’s a real-time-saver.).

3. Get Unique Gifts Before They’re Gone

Local businesses often carry products that you can’t find anywhere else. With a limited supply, you’ll want to shop for these treasures early before they’re gone. Good gifts go fast! So you’ll want to start your shopping sooner rather than later.

A little preparation goes a long way this holiday season. Get your holiday shopping checked off your list early this year, so you can spend the holidays making memories with the ones you love. For resources on local shopping, check out our online and local Business Directory at

-Josh Cross, Atascadero Chamber CEO

Josh Cross

President & CEO of the Atascadero Chamber | Josh Cross

Josh Cross is a longtime Central Coast local, having grown up right here in Atascadero. He has a strong knowledge of governmental and community issues, in addition to economic development. Previously he worked as the Director of Economic Development for the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce, and has always been passionate about the incredible work Chambers can do for their community.