Everyone raves about your spices, what first got you into making them?

Bren: I love cooking, always have. I’d make meals for family, friends, friends’ family; it’s a lot of fun. Of course, when I did, I always took the liberty to mix spices. Seasonings are the spice of life! After a while, my friends stopped asking for my cooking and just wanted my seasonings. Soon I was giving away my tasty creations in large mason jars, and my friends and their friends couldn’t get enough of it. Prompted by the community, with a special thanks to my friends at Pier 46, I created my first blend, Bren’s Original.

Can you share your spice creation process?

Bren: Every spectacular seasoning starts with quality supplies. Then comes the fun part, blending. I’ll add in a pinch of oregano, a dollop of rosemary, and a splash of onion. I strive to create balanced blends so achieving the perfect balance takes a little bit of time and a lot of experimenting. This is where Julie and I work great as a team. She’s instrumental to tasting my blends to ensure they are perfect. Then we cook the, and they’re ready for consumption!

On a little side note, did you know that my seasonings now contain 40% less sodium than my original formula? That’s all thanks to valuable insight from Dr. Frankle; he prompted me to do some research into how to reduce sodium in my seasonings.

In one sentence how would you describe your blends?

Bren: Bren’s seasonings are here to spice up your life! That’s why we’re on a total of thirty-five store shelves, like Pier 46, The HUB at the Atascadero Chamber, Farm Supply, Opolo Vineyards, and more across the Central Coast to help people all around in our community have access to these tasty blends. My passion for developing the perfect spice for everyone is why I love doing custom orders. If you want high-volume custom seasonings, I’m your guy.


Moving on into 2019, what are your goals for Bren’s Original Blends?

Bren: I would love to expand my seasonings so that they’re on grocery stores shelves across the nation. Everyone deserves to have access to great spice in their life.

What’s your favorite thing about Atascadero?

Bren: That’s an easy one, it’s the people! I started the blends because the community wanted it and enjoyed it. I look forward to providing the great people of this community more of my spices in the future.



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