The Perfect Natural Solution

Firmelements is an organic, water-based fertilizer company inspired by the intelligent design found in the pre-diluvian paradigm of firmament cycles in all earth ecosystems.  We have taken the initiative since 2005 to extract essential elements and natural nitrogen from the ocean.  We can confidently say that replicating the Mist of the Morning will bring you old growth success.

A full range of organic, water-based elements and natural nitrogen are critical when used to complete our food physiology as well as landscape maintenance.  No less than five forms of natural nitrogen in ocean water include: Phytoplankton, Rain Drop Cavitation, NO3, Biomass, Cyanobacteria.  Bio-inputs are profitable and sustainable alternatives that can partially or fully replace the use of conventional fertilizers.  The microbial organisms make this possible by utilizing the naturally chelated essential elements by fixing, solubilizing and bio-dynamic functionality increasing the supply of multiple nutrients and enzymes.  Redwoods are an excellent example of all 90+ ocean elements delivered in coastal mist, feeding the grandest trees in the world or the tropical rain forests that cycle the nitrogen and elements in and throughout their rich environment while accomplishing the same for all green plant material.

After living in Atascadero for the past 42 years and teaching Science, Health and Physical Education the past 30+, I have a solid purpose for wellness.  It was an invitation years ago and the combination of these experiences with ten years of researching Firmament cycles that has never disappointed me or any grower using a combination of soil and foliar mist method.  Our organic fertilizer applications when in contact with the skin of children and/or pets, are as safe as a swim in the ocean.

We will continually educate and give access to the world a working knowledge of the pre-diluvian ecosystem.  In so much, that all may take a step of faith in a small way to self-sustained growing.  We hope that all people experience a revelation with understanding of healing and wellness.  We love you enough to speak the truth from the foundations of this true beginning.

A partnership in bringing to light the original blueprint of growing brings us one step closer towards healing our nation.  I’m excited to explain more of the information I’ve given you here and if you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to call me at (805) 975.7707 or email.  Furthermore, we are headquartered in San Luis Obispo County and would enjoy a visit to your growing operation.

-Eric Griffin, CEO of Firmelements