I keep hearing the slogan “some thing for every body” at Kennedy Club Fitness, what does it mean?

Sean: Well, coming into a new health club can be intimidating, scary, and uncomfortable. You may not know about the different types of equipment or you may not have been to a health club in a while. At Kennedy Club Fitness, we get that. Our goal is to ensure that you are welcomed with a smile and feel comfortable here. We want our visitors and members to feel comfortable here by finding their niche at our club. Whether that’s by joining a swimming class, getting hands-on training from a personal trainer, or just relaxing in the hot tub, the goal is to get plugged into what you enjoy and feel comfortable doing it.

Does Kennedy accommodate those who have injuries or other conditions?

Sean: Most definitely! There are a variety of ways we intentionally help those who may need special care due to injuries. That’s why as soon as you become a member we get you connected with a fitness director. They’ll help you find the machines, classes, and trainers that can help you the best. We have a new Neuro Fitness Program that kicks off in March to help people with specific needs. Our team is always here to help. Helping people is what drew me to the fitness and health industry.

Can you elaborate?

Sean: My passion for health started young. Initially, I was just a CalPoly student looking for my niche. I found it at the San Luis Obispo Kennedy Fitness Club as a personal trainer. While I was there, I helped a client with arthritis in his feet, ankles, and knees. After watching him improve over the year, I was hooked. I had finally found my passion, helping people.  After working there for four years, I transferred over to the Kennedy Club Fitness in Atascadero. I have worked in every department here, from sales to personal training and am now the manager. This wide array of experience allows me to better prepare and equip my team to serve customers in every department here to the best of their ability. I love coming into work every day and seeing our members find help and achieve their goals.

On that note, what can benefits can people expect from your club?

Sean: You can get the full experience and benefit of a health club at Kennedy Club Fitness. You see, there are three awesome benefits you can get from working out. The most obvious one being the physical element to it. Exercise helps you tone, build muscle and lose weight. The second benefit of it is social. You can meet up with friends, join classes, or just chat in the lobby. The last and one of the most significant benefits is the mental component. Going to a health club after a long day of work is a great way to decompress and release stress.

Backtracking a little bit here, how did Kennedy Club Fitness get started?

Sean: Well, it all began with Kevin and Barb Kennedy and Kevin’s senior project at CalPoly University. Despite fitness and health not being a big thing at the time, Kevin proceeded with his vision to establish a health club for his senior project. With Barb as his motivator and partner, the idea soon took off. Within a matter of time, the Kennedy’s were opening their first fitness club down in San Luis Obispo. This was soon followed by a club in Atascadero in 1985 and later on one in Paso Robles and Arroyo Grande.

While we’re wrapping up, could you share the secret to maintaining a fitness New Years resolution?

Sean: The magic’s in making it through two weeks. A lot of it is a mental game. After you get through two weeks, it becomes a habit and a whole lot easier. However, no matter why you come to Kennedy Club Fitness, new years resolution or otherwise, our goal is always to make you feel welcome, comfortable, and help you find your niche.


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