BridgeWorks Sanitation & Cleanliness

In light of COVID-19, we are proud to partner with the Central Coast Distillery for medical-grade, FTA approved hand sanitizer. In addition to the hand sanitizer, coworkers are also encouraged to practice social distancing and the newly installed cubicles will continue to add to the safety and sanitation of the BridgeWorks community. ViroDisinfect services from Brezden Pest Control were also implemented for the co-working space. We are doing everything in our power to operate safely. We are following our industry’s health and safety guidelines.  We are effectively communicating these guidelines to our employees and customers. We take the health and safety of our coworkers seriously and will continue to monitor and put into place policies that prioritize the well-being of our BridgeWorks community.

This business has self-certified that it complies with the State’s Resilience Roadmap.

Cubicles At BrideWorks