Upcoming Primary Election
By: 5th District Supervisor, Debbie Arnold

Spring has arrived and though it looks like we will be facing another severe drought through the summer, the timing of the spring rain has produced wildflowers in some parts of the county. While enjoying these beautiful flowers, Atascadero can also take comfort in knowing it will be served by a well-managed water agency with a strong water portfolio to see them through the dry years.

We are quickly approaching time for the primary election. The redistricting process, which happens every decade after the census, has once again created some confusion as people prepare to vote. The new map for redistricting the County Board of Supervisors districts has moved Atascadero out of the 5th district and into the 2nd district. That being said, I will continue to serve as the Supervisor representing the district I was elected in until January 2025. I will also continue to represent the City of Atascadero until that time.

Because the new map puts Atascadero into the 2nd district, voters in Atascadero will have the opportunity to vote for a County Supervisor candidate running in the 2nd district in this June’s primary election. The election could be decided in June. But if no candidate receives over 50% of the vote, the election will be determined in November during the general election.

In January 2023, someone will begin a new term in district 2. At that time, Atascadero will have two Supervisors representing them, myself and the newly elected district 2 Supervisor. However, by January 2025, Atascadero will be represented by only the one newly elected Supervisor.

Voters in Atascadero will see changes in the boundaries for other elected offices. Since the June primary will be the first election following the redistricting process, voters may be surprised when they receive their ballots. However, the County has published an interactive map where voters can locate the district, they will be voting in. The map, which shows previous and newly adopted district boundaries, can be searched by street address. Click here to see the SLO County Adopted BOS Supervisorial Districts map.

If I can be of assistance, feel free to contact my office at 805-781-4339.

It is an honor to serve as your County Supervisor.

Debbie Arnold
5th District Supervisor


5th District Supervisor, Debbie Arnold

Debbie Arnold moved to San Luis Obispo County in 1973 to attend Cal Poly, she fell in love with both her husband, Steve, and the farming and ranching values that had been a part of the Arnold family way of life for more than 5 generations. While raising two children, she owned and operated a small business in Atascadero for more than 17 years. She then had the privilege of advocating for local families as a Legislative Aide at the County Supervisor’s office and as a San Luis Obispo District Representative for the State Senate. During these years, she worked with a broad range of community groups and interests, bringing people together to solve problems. Debbie Arnold now serves as the 5th District Supervisor for San Luis Obispo County.