Preparing for Wet Weather: Stormwater Management and You! | September City Update

September’s drawing to a close and we’re already experiencing some weird weather here in Atascadero. From record-breaking heat at the beginning of the month to rainfall last weekend, we’ve navigated [...]

2022-09-20T22:46:48+00:00September 20, 2022|Community, Doing Business, Living in Atascadero|

The City of Atascadero and the Atascadero Unified School District – We’re Separate, But We Cooperate | August City Update

This particular topic seems to come up with surprising frequency, especially at this busy and exciting “Back to School” time of year. City staff members are asked questions fairly often [...]

2022-08-17T23:11:24+00:00August 17, 2022|Community, Doing Business, Living in Atascadero|

Atascadero Chamber of Commerce Launches “Together, We Will Move Atascadero Forward” Membership Drive Campaign

Atascadero, Calif. – August 8, 2022: The Atascadero Chamber of Commerce has launched a Membership Campaign Drive entitled, Together We Will Move Atascadero Forward from August 1st – September 30, 2022.  This [...]

2022-08-09T16:35:40+00:00August 9, 2022|Doing Business|
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