The relationships that come from working with our neighbors, friends and family make the Central Coast unlike any other community I have lived. Despite social distancing and sheltering at home, the sense of togetherness I feel is stronger than ever. With nearly 1,200 employees between Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and Twin Cities Community Hospital, our connection to the community is personal. As healthcare leaders, we embrace our responsibility to the Central Coast and will continue to put the safe and timely care of our patients above all else.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life for all of us, and has been especially trying for those who may have delayed medical care. However, beginning immediately, the hospitals of Tenet Health Central Coast, in collaboration with local physicians, are again able to care for non-emergency medical needs. Medical procedures that were placed on-hold can now resume. If you or someone you love has been putting off care, now is the time to contact your physician.

We recognize that with this crisis, greater than 20,000 of our Central Coast friends and family are out of work. Potentially, many have also lost health insurance benefits. We believe that Covered California and CenCal Health provide quality and necessary options for those who have lost their coverage.  Together with those organizations, we have created an online presentation to help those in need better understand their options; for some low or no-cost health insurance may be available. To view the presentation, click here.

In addition, Tenet Health Central Coast is offering greater flexibility with payment plans, so that you or your loved ones do not have to put off care any longer. Some plans are as low as $25/month with no fees or interest. To learn more about these plans, visit our website.

No one should be afraid to seek medical care because of financial insecurity. Please share this information with your employees and others to ensure their healthcare needs are met in a safe and timely fashion.

I wish you and your employees good health and happiness.

With Warmest Regards,